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10/30 - U.S. Economy Began to Grow Again in 3rd Quarter


La Economia en los Estados Unidos se recupera - Barack Obama

The United States has emerged from the longest economic contraction since World War II. Read the article by the New York Times


10/26 - Options for those in debt

Consumer debt in America has reached epidemic proportions. In these times, Americans are in need of a variety of debt-relief options. Debt Settlement is, once again, at the top of the consumer needs. USOBA.


10/16 - Sinking home prices, lost jobs fuel rising bankruptcy rate

Bankruptcy among Florida debtors soar, said The Miami Herald. "So far this year, Florida is second only to California in the number of Bankruptcy fillings, thanks to sinking home prices and lost jobs."


09/23 - A New Study From USOBA reveals Debt Settlement is still the best option for Debt Relief

 New study reveals Debt Settlement offers consumers "The Most Immediate Form of Debt Relief Available."


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