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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is the most benign and responsible way to seek debt relief when suffering a financial crisis. You will be able to consolidate all your unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, certain personal loans, collection accounts, etc.) into one convenient monthly payment.

In most cases, we can drastically reduce your interest rates. On average, the creditors can reduce your rates to anywhere from 4% to 9%. Some creditors actually eliminate interest all together. If you have fallen behind on your payments, most creditors will bring your account back to a current status once all of the program benefits are in place. Additionally, the reduction in interest means less money in the creditor's pocket and more money in yours. Most of our clients are debt free with an improved credit rating years earlier through the program than they could on their own.


Consider the following:

  • You must be able to afford your new monthly payment through debt consolidation
  • You know that you cannot get out of debt making minimum payments at high interest rates.
  • You are not purchasing a major asset within the first year of your program (auto/home loans).
  • Credit Management through consolidation is not factored into your credit score (see for details). So your credit score will not be affected.




Case 1
Client had 3 credit cards totaling $20,306 with an average interest rate of 20.99% and minimum payments of $564.00 monthly as follows: 

Creditor Balance Payment APR

Bank of America 1,750.00 52.00 29.00%
Capital One 556.00 56.00 28.00%
Credit Union 18,000.00 456.00 20.00%
In Debt Pooling 20,306.00 564.00 20.99%
Consolidation 20,306.00 511.00 1.29%

In consolidation, client's new payment would be $511 and the debt would be paid at a rate of 1.29%. A great difference! The biggest difference however is in the term. If client made minimum payments without consolidation, it would take him/her approximately 15 years to repay his debts. With consolidation it would take 3 years and 10 months. That's over 16 year's difference. Client would save tens of thousands of dollars in payments alone over those 16 years.





Avoid bankruptcy with a Debt Settlement Program


In Collections or just running late?  Too much Debt for your Income?

A new program developed by a leading consumer credit firm helps you lower your payments, reduce or even eliminate your balances while protecting your credit.

Debt Settlement is much different than Debt Management or Debt Consolidation. In debt settlement, the client will be represented by a firm. The firm will negotiate with the collection agencies and creditors to reduce the total amount of debt that the client owes.

Likewise, these Debt Settlement professionals will advise you as to send letters to creditors and collection agencies asking them to not contact you, but instead to contact them directly. While the professionals are in this negotiation process, you will agree to make some monthly payments to an account in your name. 

Since the payment that the client makes each month does not go to the creditors, the client's credit rating will be damaged. Therefore, we do suggest customers that are past due already to enroll in a Debt Settlement program. That means that all clients that enter the debt settlement program have bad credit already. Keep in mind that the best solution for the client is to eliminate the debt first and build the credit rating later.

The clients may receive harassing creditor calls during the debt settlement process. The client is instructed to write down the name and number of each creditor that calls and send that information to the firm so that a professional can take appropriate action.


Below you'll find a few examples based on $6,000.00 and 22,500.00 worth of debt... 

With 6,000 of debt you'll end up paying approximately $3,300.00 to eliminate your debts and that includes attorneys fee's. 

12 Months - $ 314        18 Months - $ 222.33        24 Months - $ 176.50

With 22,500 of debt you'll end up paying approximately $12,375.00 to eliminate your debts and that includes attorneys fee's. 

18 Months - 726.50        12 Months - 1,070.25        24 Months - 554.62




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